Earith Piano Lessons

Louisa Gard

Piano keys

I teach both children and adults and thoroughly enjoying teaching both for different reasons. Learning music and how to play the piano can be hugely beneficial to a child, teenager or adult as it develops a massive variety of skills physically, mentally and emotionally.

Teaching Children

Teaching children piano is an exceptionally rewarding experience as their brains are like sponges and they often have little or no fear when it comes to performing or taking exams so can develop quickly. It also gives them the opportunity to learn a skill on a one-to-one basis, possibly for the first time.

I like to make lessons fun and enjoyable, focussing on pieces that the child likes to play. This way they can help to direct and develop their own learning and understanding of music. Interspersing with technical exercises encourages them to grow both technically and musically, providing them with a good balance of structure, challenge and enjoyment in their lessons.

Teaching Adults

It is equally rewarding teaching adults, as they bring with them a wealth of knowledge. Often they are quite consciously aware of the way they learn and know how they want to approach the piano. Also, once an adult has decided to learn to play, or perhaps continue their learning after a break, they are dedicated to putting in the required time and effort.